Diesel Injectors and Their Impact on Diesel Trucks


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The diesel vehicle market is witnessing an unprecedented growth, particularly in secondary and developing countries, where the demand for reliable light-duty and heavy-duty trucks is on the rise. This trend is reflected in the surge of diesel vehicle registrations, a pattern that’s expected to continue robustly in the coming years.

At Supertech Diesel Truck Specialists in Nanaimo, we’re at the forefront of this evolution, offering a range of top-tier diesel injectors designed for various truck models, enhancing both performance and efficiency.

Fuel Injector

The Achilles’ Heel: Water Contamination

Water in fuel is the main adversary of fuel injectors. It displaces essential lubrication, accelerating wear and leading to premature failure. Hence, maintaining pure fuel is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity for the health of your engine.

The Relentless Duty Cycle

Consider this: typical diesel engines in North America rev at about 1800 RPM, translating to approximately 140,000 injector cycles per hour. This relentless repetition demands resilience from injectors, which also face threats from carbon build-up and particulate matter due to inadequate air filtration, as well as the quality of fuel and additives used.

Controlled Precision

The Engine Control Module (ECM) is the conductor, orchestrating the fuel injectors’ symphony. It ensures injectors receive constant power with the key on, grounding them to allow for the precise fuel dispensation demanded by the engine’s power needs. This process, completed in mere milliseconds, is pivotal for engine efficiency.

Injector Types: Throttle Body vs. Port Type

We have two primary types of diesel fuel injectors: throttle body injection and port type injection. Throttle body injection centralizes fuel delivery, leading to potential mixture inconsistencies across cylinders. Port type injectors, a more modern and efficient system, eradicate this imbalance by metering individual fuel amounts directly to each cylinder.

The Anatomy of an Injector

Delving into an injector’s anatomy, we find an assembly of 15 essential parts, from the filter to the spray tip. Each part plays a role in the accurate regulation of fuel flow, directed by the ECM, and ensures an even spray pattern crucial for engine performance.

  • Stock Replacement & Replacement Plus CR Injectors: These injectors are crafted with precision, offering a seamless replacement for stock units and an additional power boost of 5-15hp.
    • Models: BD1714503, BD1724503 (2003-2004), BD1715503, BD1715505 (2004.5-2007), BD1724518 (2007.5-2012), BD1724542 (2013-2018)
  • CR Performance Injectors: Designed for high performance, supporting 60hp to 250hp increases, these injectors ensure enhanced flow and atomization.
    • Models: BD1724518 (2007.5-2012), BD1724542 (2013-2018)

BD Diesel Injectors for FORD

  • Stock Replacement OEM 7.3L & 6.0L HEUI 6.4L CR Injectors: Fully refreshed units with new components, each injector undergoes rigorous testing to assure peak performance.
    • Specifics: Enhanced rail connections, new spool valves, springs, and dampening pins.
  • 6.0L Performance Injectors: Catering to high fuel demands, these injectors are ideal for 475-500hp and 550hp engine tiers.
    • Models: Specific variants for 155cc and 175cc nozzles.

BD Diesel Injectors for GM

  • Stock Replacement & Replacement Plus CR Injectors: Similar to the Dodge line, these injectors for GM models offer reliability with an extra kick of power.
    • Models: BD1714502 (2001-2004 LB7), BD1724504 (2004.5-2006 LLY), BD1724521 (2006-2007 LBZ)
  • CR Performance Injectors: These are tailored for those pushing their Duramax engines, supporting 60hp to 180hp enhancements.
    • Models: BD1724521 (2006-2007 LBZ), BD1724520 (2007-2010 LMM)

Bosch Common Rail Injectors

Bosch remains a key player in the injector market, offering a wide range of remanufactured and new injectors for various models:

  • Dodge Cummins: 0986435503 (2003-2004), 0986435505 (2004.5-2007), 0986435518 (2007.5-2012)
  • Ford Powerstroke: 0986435415 (2011-2014), 0986435433 (2015-2017)
  • GM Duramax: 0986435502 (2001-2004 LB7), 0986435504 (2004-2005 LLY), 0986435521 (2006-2007 LBZ)

The Supertech Edge

At Supertech Diesel Truck Specialists, we understand the nuanced needs of diesel injectors and the engines they serve. Whether it’s the heavy-duty haulers traversing the rugged landscapes around Nanaimo or the light-duty vehicles powering through daily tasks, we provide expertise to ensure your diesel injectors deliver peak performance and efficiency.

As we look toward a future where diesel continues to gain market traction, our commitment to excellence in diesel injector service and maintenance stands firm. We are poised to support the wave of diesel vehicles set to hit the roads, maintaining the pulse of industries that rely on these powerful machines. Join us at Supertech Diesel in Nanaimo, where we don’t just service vehicles; we empower them to meet the demands of tomorrow’s world.


Understanding Injector Failures

Despite their robustness, common rail systems aren’t immune to breakdowns. The primary culprit for premature failure is fuel contamination, where even micron-sized debris can act like sandpaper on delicate sealing surfaces. The presence of water in fuel, leading to corrosion and component wear, ranks as the second most common issue. Incorrect installations, including improper tightening and inadequate cleaning, are also factors that can compromise injector performance.

Choosing the Right Injector

Diagnosing fuel injector problems necessitates the right tools and expertise. Misdiagnosis not only adds to repair costs but also to customer frustration.

When it comes to replacement, remanufactured injectors are often the go-to solution. However, the quality varies significantly. OEMs typically replace more components during the rebuild process, using assembly line parts, which translates to higher quality products. These injectors are also flow-tested to ensure they meet original specifications.

Supertech Diesel Truck Specialists: Your Trusted Partner

At Supertech Diesel Truck Specialists in Nanaimo, we understand the intricacies of diesel injector technology. We advocate for using high-quality, OEM-level or certified remanufactured injectors. Our expertise ensures that your diesel engine receives components that not only restore its functionality but also preserve its longevity and efficiency.

In the evolving landscape of diesel engine maintenance, choosing the right injector is crucial. It’s about balancing cost-effectiveness with quality assurance. We stand committed to providing our customers with reliable, high-quality service solutions, ensuring that their diesel engines continue to perform at their best, metre after metre.