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Expert diesel truck repair for all heavy-duty vehicles on Vancouver Island. Powerful engines built to last deserve specialty care from our professional red seal mechanics to maximize their potential.

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Routine and scheduled maintenance for top vehicle performance. High-tech digital record keeping for optimal diesel truck maintenance.

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Less downtime with experienced repair and proactive diagnoses. With experienced management we ensure your vehicle is always running at peak performance.

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We are a family owned & run business focused on repairing and maintaining Diesel Trucks. Our mechanics focus exclusively on Powerstroke, Duramax, Cummins and Sprinters. We provide additional services like Courtesy Shuttle Rides, Complimentary Multi-Point Visual Checkups for every visit, and 2yr/40,000km Nationwide Warranties.

We’ve built our company around removing the frustration from diesel truck repair.

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Every business with a fleet knows they need specialized diesel mechanics on their side doing their best to avoid any downtime. That’s why our Nanaimo location is so committed to ensuring the top standards in fleet maintenance, for Sprinters, Transits, and More. Fleet issues on the mainland? We have more sister locations ready for you.

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10 Common Diesel Engine Issues

1. Vibration: Diesel engines inherently produce vibrations due to the intense combustion forces inside the cylinders. Over time, excessive vibration can lead to issues, including fuel or oil leaks. Increased engine vibration may also indicate more significant problems, such as valve clearance issues, piston slap, injector misfires, or compression problems.

2. Hard Starting: Diesel engines can experience hard-starting problems, often attributed to battery issues, glow plug malfunctions, or fuel-related problems like low-pressure fuel supply or failing injection pumps. Cold weather can exacerbate these issues, making proper battery maintenance and block heater use crucial.

3. Emissions Equipment: Modern diesel engines are equipped with emissions control systems, including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF). These components are susceptible to premature failure due to soot and carbon buildup, affecting engine performance and efficiency.

4. Contaminated Fuel: Water contamination is a significant concern for diesel engines, as it can lead to rust and corrosion in the fuel system. Regular fuel filter and water separator maintenance, along with sourcing fuel from reputable stations, can help prevent these issues.

5. Sensor Failure: Diesel engines rely on various sensors for proper operation, and a malfunctioning sensor can lead to performance problems, reduced efficiency, or even engine shutdown. Exhaust gas temperature (EGT), NOx, pressure differential, and oxygen sensors are essential for emissions control and overall engine health.

6. Overheating: Diesel engines under heavy loads can overheat due to factors like coolant leaks, malfunctioning fans, stuck thermostats, or a dirty cooling system. Neglecting cooling system maintenance can lead to engine damage.

7. Electrical Issues: With the increasing complexity of electronically controlled diesel engines, electrical problems can be challenging to diagnose and resolve. Common issues include bad connections, wire chafing, and intermittent electrical faults.

8. Diluted Engine Oil: Modern diesel engines may dilute engine oil during regeneration events, where excess fuel is injected into the exhaust. This can lead to reduced oil viscosity, bearing wear, and decreased oil service life (get an oil change checkup).

9. Injection System Failure: Diesel injectors and injection pumps are prone to failure, often due to poor maintenance, low-quality fuel, or internal wear. Injector problems can result in hard starting, rough idling, increased smoke, and fuel consumption.

10. Head Gasket Failure: While less common, head gasket failures can occur over time, leading to coolant and oil leaks. This can result from factors such as head flexing, increased engine power, or simply the cumulative effects of heat cycles.

Our Diesel Mechanics are well experienced in all of these common issues, that we see constantly in our Nanaimo location.

Common Issues with Specific Diesel Engines Suggested From Our Diesel Mechanics

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