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Whether you use your sprinter van for the skilled trades, camping van life, or even delivery around town we can help you keep your commercial vehicle in top shape.

We are a professional diesel specialty shop in Nanaimo focusing on diesel engines and fleet management.  

Types of Sprinter Vans

  • Passenger Van
  • Crew Van
  • Cargo Van

Why CHoose Expert Diesel Repair

Different uses causes different issues and maintenance needs.

Sprinters used as camper vans tend to go through multiple owners where issues may go undisclosed for the new owners. Slight off-roading can cause more suspension, alignment and wheel problems. 

Sprinters used as work vans typically in the skilled trades are usually well maintained and get great highway mileage in. Some slight off-roading can cause the same issues above.

Delivery sprinter vans usually need the most care, with their frequent city driving, tons of kilometres a day. 

Common Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Problems

Mercedes Sprinter vans are a familiar sight on the roads, serving delivery services with efficiency. Despite the brand’s reputation for reliability and safety, these vehicles can encounter specific issues, which we regularly address at the Supertech Diesel Truck Specialist facility in Nanaimo.

Oil Cooler Leaks
Oil leaks, particularly from the oil cooler, are not uncommon in Sprinter vans. These leaks usually originate from the oil cooler gasket, and prompt replacement of the gasket is typically the remedy. It’s critical to address these leaks immediately to prevent oil from reaching and damaging the engine’s cooler seals.

Diesel Particulate Filter Blockage
The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in these vans is crucial for trapping exhaust particles and preventing black smoke emissions. However, it can become blocked by foreign particles, disrupting exhaust flow and causing performance declines or even complete engine shutdown.

DEF Heater Malfunctions
A check engine light could indicate a problem with the DEF heater. This component is essential for preventing the DEF/AdBlue tank from freezing, which is a common issue in colder months.

Exhaust Flex Pipe Issues
A frequent problem with the Sprinter van is the failure of the exhaust flex pipe. It can develop leaks, allowing hot exhaust gases to escape, potentially damaging the flex pipe wiring. In severe cases, this heat may melt the DEF nozzles and lines, leading to an engine shutdown until the pipe is replaced.

Start Countdown Issues
The DEF/AdBlue system can sometimes trigger a start countdown, limiting the number of times the engine can be restarted. If the countdown sets in prematurely and reaches zero, the van will not start. This can also be caused by faulty DEF and NOX sensors.

Worn-Out Glow Plugs
Unlike vehicles that use spark plugs, the Mercedes Sprinter diesel van relies on glow plugs for engine ignition. Though more durable and long-lasting than spark plugs, they still wear out and may need replacement or can break.

Transmission-Related Noise
An unusual noise akin to driving over rumble strips can sometimes be experienced in these vans. This can be due to low or improper transmission fluid levels, but more often, it’s caused by a deteriorated torque converter clutch, which may require a rebuild.