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Whether you use your Ford Diesel Truck for the skilled trades, day-to-day, or even off-roading our beautiful Island we can help you keep your diesel truck in top shape.

We are a professional diesel specialty shop in Nanaimo focusing on all diesel vehicles and fleet management.  

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Common Ford Diesel Truck Models We Service

  • Super Duty® F-250 XL
  • Super Duty® F-350 XL
  • Super Duty® F-450 XL
  • Super Duty® F-250 XLT
  • Super Duty® F-350 XLT
  • Super Duty® F-450 XLT
  • Super Duty® F-250 Lariat
  • Super Duty® F-350 Lariat
  • Super Duty® F-450 Lariat
  • Super Duty® F-250 King Ranch
  • Super Duty® F-350 King Ranch
  • Super Duty® F-450 King Ranch
  • Super Duty® F-250 Platinum
  • Super Duty® F-350 Platinum
  • Super Duty® F-450 Platinum
  • Super Duty® F-250 LIMITED
  • Super Duty® F-350 LIMITED
  • Super Duty® F-450 LIMITED

Ford's Diesel Engine

Ford’s Diesel Trucks use the Powerstroke Diesel Engine. Our Diesel mechanics in Nanaimo are experts at servicing this unique engine. Diesel engines are complicated beasts and our diesel technicians all have red-seal certifications and years and years of experience servicing diesel engines like Fords.

Common Ford Diesel Truck Problems

Ford’s 6.7L Power Stroke engine, also known as the “Scorpion,” has been a reliable powerhouse for Super Duty trucks since its introduction in 2011. Despite its overall robust performance, certain issues have cropped up through its generations, affecting models from 2011 to the present. Here’s a rundown of the most common problems associated with the 6.7L Power Stroke engine.

  1. Injection-Pump Failures
    A notorious weak spot across all pre-2020 6.7L Power Stroke engines is the Bosch CP4.2 injection pump. Its susceptibility to damage from metal-on-metal contact, often exacerbated by air within the system, can lead to catastrophic fuel system failures. The resultant contamination can destroy injectors, pressure regulators, and fuel lines, necessitating costly repairs.
    • Leaks and Bearing Failures
      The engine’s initial iterations were prone to some significant issues:
    • Broken Glow Plugs: A serious concern that could lead to catastrophic engine damage.
    • Radiator and Turbocharger Coolant Inlet Leaks: Early models had defective stock radiators and turbocharger coolant inlets that often leaked.
    • Turbocharger Bearing Failures: Particularly in the 2011-2012 models, the use of ceramic ball-bearings in the turbochargers led to frequent failures, mirroring the commonality of EGR problems in the 6.0L models.
  2. EGR Cooler Complications
    Unlike the outright failures seen in 6.0L and 6.4L engines, the EGR coolers in the 6.7L Power Stroke are prone to severe soot buildup. This accumulation can become so severe that it necessitates the replacement of the entire cooler, often diagnosed through a Diagnostic Trouble Code P0401.
  3. NOx Sensor Failures in First-Gen Engines
    While the 6.7L Power Stroke is generally reliable electrically, first-generation engines (up to 2013) often experience NOx sensor failures. This issue is critical enough to force the Engine Control Module (ECM) to trigger “Limp Mode,” significantly reducing the truck’s power and performance.

Despite these issues, the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke engine has maintained its reputation as a durable and powerful option for heavy-duty trucking needs. Awareness and timely maintenance can mitigate many of these problems, ensuring the longevity and reliability of Ford’s Super Duty trucks.

Why Expertise Matters for Diesel Truck Repair in Nanaimo

In the specialized field of Ford diesel truck repair, the combination of experience and Red Seal certification plays a crucial role in ensuring high-quality maintenance and repair services. This is especially true in regions like Nanaimo, where Ford diesel trucks are prevalent among both commercial and personal users. Supertech Diesel, established in 2011, exemplifies the pinnacle of commitment to excellence in diesel mechanics, ensuring that all technicians not only hold Red Seal certifications but also receive ongoing, paid training upgrades. This dedication highlights why such credentials and experience are indispensable in the automotive repair industry.

Expertise in Complex Systems

Ford diesel trucks, known for their robust performance and complex engineering, require a mechanic’s in-depth understanding to diagnose and fix issues accurately. The Red Seal certification, a recognized standard across Canada, signifies a technician’s proficiency in the trade, assuring customers that their vehicle is in capable hands. Supertech Diesel’s insistence on this certification for their technicians ensures that every repair or maintenance task meets rigorous standards of quality and safety.

Keeping Pace with Technological Advancements

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with new technologies emerging constantly. Supertech Diesel’s approach to continuous, paid training upgrades is essential for technicians to stay abreast of the latest developments in diesel technology. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that mechanics can handle anything from traditional diesel engines to the latest innovations in Ford diesel trucks, providing services that are not just comprehensive but also forward-thinking.

Confidence and Trust for Customers

When it comes to repairing Ford diesel trucks, the expertise symbolized by the Red Seal certification and backed by decades of experience fosters a sense of trust and confidence among customers. Knowing that their vehicle is being handled by specialists, like those at Supertech Diesel in Nanaimo, who are fully dedicated to the diesel domain, provides peace of mind. This level of trust is invaluable, especially for those who rely on their Ford diesel trucks for daily operations or business.

Local Expertise in Nanaimo

For residents of Nanaimo and surrounding areas, finding a mechanic who specializes in Ford diesel trucks and holds a Red Seal certification can be a game-changer. Supertech Diesel’s location and commitment to excellence make it a go-to center for diesel truck owners seeking reliable, knowledgeable service. The combination of local understanding and expert training means that customers receive not just exceptional technical service but also advice and solutions tailored to their specific needs and environmental conditions.

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