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Whether you use your Ram Diesel Truck for the skilled trades, day-to-day, or even off-roading our beautiful Island we can help you keep your diesel truck in top shape.

We are a professional diesel specialty shop in Nanaimo focusing on all diesel vehicles and fleet management.  

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Common Ram Diesel Truck Models We Service

  • Ram 1500: The Ram 1500, Ram’s light-duty pickup, offers a diesel engine option in the form of the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6. This engine is known for its impressive fuel efficiency and torque, making it a popular choice for those who prioritize economy and towing capacity in a light-duty truck.

  • Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty: While the Ram 2500 and 3500 models are traditionally associated with larger, more powerful gasoline engines, they also offer the Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel I6 engine. This engine is celebrated for its exceptional torque and durability, making these trucks ideal for heavy towing and hauling tasks.

  • Ram Chassis Cab (3500, 4500, and 5500): The Ram Chassis Cab models, designed for commercial use and capable of being outfitted with various upfits, also offer the Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel I6 engine. This option provides the power and efficiency needed for demanding commercial applications.

  • Ram ProMaster Van: While the Ram ProMaster primarily utilizes gasoline engines, there have been diesel options available in past model years, specifically a 3.0L I4 EcoDiesel engine. This option was geared towards users looking for diesel efficiency in a full-size van, although its availability has varied by year and market.

Ram's Diesel Engine

Ram’s Diesel Trucks use the Cummins Diesel Engine. Our Diesel mechanics in Nanaimo are experts at servicing this unique engine. Diesel engines are complicated beasts and our diesel technicians all have red-seal certifications and years and years of experience servicing diesel engines like Rams’.

Why Expertise Matters for Diesel Truck Repair in Nanaimo

In the nuanced world of Ram diesel truck repair, the value of seasoned experience and Red Seal certifications cannot be overstated. For an establishment like Supertech Diesel in Nanaimo, which has been offering premier diesel repair services since 2011, these elements form the cornerstone of their operational excellence. This focus ensures that every technician not only possesses a deep-rooted understanding of diesel mechanics but is also equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques to tackle the specific challenges presented by Ram diesel trucks.

The Significance of Red Seal Certification

The Red Seal certification serves as a hallmark of proficiency and expertise in the trade across Canada. For mechanics working on Ram diesel trucks, this certification is indicative of a rigorous training regimen and a comprehensive examination process. It assures customers that the mechanic has a nation-wide endorsement of their skills, particularly important for the sophisticated and powerful engines found in Ram trucks. At Supertech Diesel, the requirement that all technicians are Red Seal certified underscores a commitment to quality and reliability in every repair or maintenance job undertaken.

Experience: The Irreplaceable Asset

While certification is crucial, the role of hands-on experience in the world of diesel truck repair cannot be overlooked. With decades of experience, technicians at Supertech Diesel bring an invaluable depth of knowledge to their work on Ram diesel trucks. This experience translates into an intuitive understanding of common and uncommon issues alike, from the intricacies of fuel system diagnostics to the nuances of engine performance tuning. The seasoned eye can often spot potential problems before they escalate, saving time and money while ensuring the longevity and reliability of the vehicle.

Continuous Training: Keeping Up with Innovation

The automotive industry is in a state of constant evolution, with new technologies and repair methodologies emerging regularly. Supertech Diesel’s commitment to providing paid training upgrades for their technicians ensures that the team remains at the cutting edge of diesel repair technology. This is particularly relevant for Ram diesel trucks, which incorporate advanced technology for performance, emissions, and safety. Ongoing training means that technicians are adept at employing the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques, ensuring that even the newest Ram models receive top-tier service.

Local Expertise in Nanaimo

For Ram diesel truck owners in Nanaimo, the proximity to a dedicated diesel mechanic shop like Supertech Diesel is a significant advantage. The unique environmental conditions and driving demands of the region require a nuanced approach to vehicle maintenance and repair. Supertech Diesel’s local expertise means that they are not just familiar with the general needs of Ram diesel trucks but also with the specific challenges faced by drivers in the area. This local knowledge, combined with high-level technical expertise, ensures that every Ram truck leaving the shop is optimized for performance, reliability, and longevity.

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