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Looking for expert Diesel Repair for your truck in Duncan BC? Supertech Diesel is Island known for our specialty Diesel Engine services.

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We are a family run and owned business starting in 2013. It all started with a simple passion for the best work possible. We do full inspections and promote the top car maintenance for people that want the maximum potential from their Diesel Truck. 

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Why Choose us for your Diesel Truck needs in Duncan?

Even though we may be an hour drive away in Nanaimo, we offer complimentary vehicles on many qualifying repairs. Our customers are frequently from all over British Columbia and Vancouver Island. We are routinely recognized as the experts in Diesel Truck Repair.
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What makes diesel repair different

Diesel repair is different from gasoline engine repair in several ways due to the distinct characteristics of diesel engines. Here are some key differences:

Compression Ignition: Diesel engines use compression ignition, whereas gasoline engines use spark ignition. In a diesel engine, air is compressed to a high pressure and temperature, causing the diesel fuel to ignite spontaneously when injected into the cylinder. This high compression ratio means that diesel engines are built with stronger components and require different maintenance and repair procedures.

Fuel System: Diesel engines have a different fuel system compared to gasoline engines. They use a fuel injector system that sprays diesel fuel directly into the combustion chamber at high pressure. This system is more complex than a typical gasoline fuel system and requires specialized knowledge and tools for repair and maintenance.

Fuel Quality: Diesel fuel has different properties than gasoline, and its quality can vary significantly. Issues related to fuel quality, such as contamination or poor fuel filtration, can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of a diesel engine. Diesel repair may involve addressing fuel-related issues more frequently.

Torque and Load: Diesel engines are known for their high torque output, which makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications like trucks, buses, and industrial machinery. Diesel engines often operate under higher loads and stresses than gasoline engines, leading to different wear and tear patterns and repair needs.

Glow Plugs or Grid Heaters: Diesel engines often use glow plugs or grid heaters to assist with cold starts. These components are not found in gasoline engines and require specific attention during maintenance and repair in colder climates.

Emissions Control: Diesel engines typically have more stringent emissions control requirements than gasoline engines due to concerns about particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions. Repairing and maintaining the emissions control systems, such as diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), is a unique aspect of diesel repair.

Cooling Systems: Diesel engines generate more heat than gasoline engines due to their higher compression ratios and power output. Consequently, their cooling systems must be designed to handle this additional heat, and maintenance and repair may involve different considerations.

Engine Size and Application: Diesel engines are commonly used in larger vehicles and heavy machinery. The size and application of the engine can significantly affect the repair process. For example, working on a diesel engine in a commercial truck may require specialized tools and equipment.

Maintenance Intervals: Diesel engines often have longer maintenance intervals compared to gasoline engines, but the maintenance tasks can be more involved and require specific skills and knowledge.

Overall, diesel repair involves a unique set of challenges and considerations due to the fundamental differences between diesel and gasoline engines. Mechanics and technicians specializing in diesel repair need specialized training and expertise to effectively diagnose and address diesel engine issues.

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