The things that used to make up a “tune-up” for older vehicles have changed significantly with modern vehicles. Without carburetors, distributors, distributor caps, rotors, ignition wires, points, condensers… Newer vehicles instead have electronic ignition and fuel injection systems that can go up to 160,000 km without needing a major tune-up.

However, instead of a traditional “tune-up,” your vehicle can benefit greatly from periodic inspections to ensure your vehicle is working at peak efficiency. If your commute includes stop-and-go driving, or if you use your truck to pull heavy loads like a camper or a boat, your ignition system may need more frequent services and inspections. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, and trust the technicians at Supertech Automotive Service Center to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Key benefits of Tune-up Services:

Auto Tune-Up Nanaimo
  • Replace the fuel filter and add fuel treatment to the fuel tank – Your engine will receive clean filtered fuel free from moisture and deposits.
  • Replace air filter element – The engine will receive clean air to mix with the fuel, which prevents premature wear and maintains maximum fuel economy.
  • Clean the throttle body and induction system – Ensure smooth throttle control and stable idle for your vehicle.
  • Replace spark plugs – Keeps the engine running smoothly, which can prevent damage to catalytic convertors from incomplete combustion.

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