Over time, transmission fluid oxidizes and turns brown from use and heat. Usually this occurs after 50,000 km for most vehicles, but driving habits and conditions can affect the wear of transmission fluid. Deposits form around moving parts in the transmission, which makes valves stick and gears slip. As gears shift and become sluggish and shatter, your vehicle may need a transmission fluid flush.

Transmission fluid flushes are recommended every 2 years or 48,000 kms. Always refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations and maintenance schedule for the best performance.

The team of expert technicians at Supertech Automotive Service Center will clean the entire transmission of all fluid and contaminants, replenishing with new fluid and premium conditioners. The transmission is one of the hardest working parts of your vehicle. After this service, you’ll experience smooth and effortless shifting for many trouble-free drives!

Key benefits of a Transmission Fluid Flush:

Transmission Fluid Flush Nanaimo
  • Prevents deposits of contaminants in the transmission
  • Smooth and effortless performance shifting gears
  • Extended fluid life

Supertech Automotive Service Center is a BG dealer in Nanaimo, which means we use BG Universal Synthetic ATF for passenger and commercial automatic transmissions. It protects gears and offers thermal stability, anti-wear protection, oxidative stability, foam resistance, corrosion control, low temperature fluidity, and shear stability. This superior fluid meets or exceeds performance criteria for many vehicles including:

  • Mercedes Benz ATF
  • BMW
  • Ford Mercon ®V
  • Mopar ATF+4 TM
  • Nissan Matic J/K
  • Allison C-4
  • Toyota Type T-IV
  • Toyota WS

If you need a transmission fluid flush, call our team today: 250-585-4030