Replacing your timing belt isn’t just a good idea – it’s crucial for the safety and reliability of your engine.

Like other belts in your vehicle, the timing belt is made out of rubber and falls subject to wear and tear from normal driving. Mechanical and environmental conditions, like the heat in the engine, corrosive fluids, and friction from metal and hard plastic components, speed up the wear and tear of the timing belt.

Manufacturer’s recommend replacing the timing belt at regularly scheduled intervals. If you put off this service, you could face severe damage to the engine and repair bills totaling thousands of dollars, especially if your vehicle has an interference engine. The timing belt breaking can even lead to the failure of your engine and its components.

When your vehicle is due for a timing belt replacement, don’t put it off and find yourself stuck on the side of the road in Nanaimo – bring it to Supertech Automotive Service Center for a timing belt service!

Key benefits of timing belt replacement:

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  • Prevents timing belt breakage or failure
  • Prevents engine shutdown, leaving you stranded
  • Prevents catastrophic damage to pistons and valves
  • Prevents complete engine failure
  • Prevents costly repairs to address the above problems

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