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by Doug S on supertechonline.ca

I brought my 2010 Sprinter 2500 Van to Supertech through the advice of my own heavy duty mechanic. That in it's own is a good sign. I felt they dealt with me like a long time customer right off the top and that Davina and the rest of the staff I dealt with were very professional at all times. This van has been a total lemon with one problem after another ( I am told they are all like this)so I am just waiting for the next thing to go wrong. When I brought it in the window pissers were not working and I assumed they were out of fluid. When I got it home I grabbed the fluid container and went to fill it, to my surprise it was full. As swear words went through my head thinking there was another failure like the pump or something I almost lost it. I was about to walk away in disgust when I wondered what the chances were that Supertech had filled it. I thought slim and none as I had not mentioned it and it had nothing to do with what they were looking at. On top of that the snow that day had stopped the ability to road test the van so they would not have tried using them. So under the off chance I hopped in the van, started it, and tried them. Lovely glorious washer fluid came out! I cannot say enough about a shop paying that attention to detail and not even charging for the fluid.
This is a great place that I will be going back too. Sadly I know that this Van will be taking me back there at some point soon, but I know I will be well looked after.

by Lance Pace on supertechonline.ca

Earlier in 2017, it was time to consider updating my 2003 F350 6L 4X4 or replacing it with a new truck. My choice was to keep what we already knew and had since new. The plan was to bullet proof the engine, in consideration of the reputation this particular engine has, plus add a little zip with a few performance options. It has turned out better than expected. I am pleased with my decision to have SuperTech perform this work and last week I had a follow up service, which again confirms the well earned reputation.

by Bob O. on supertechonline.ca

It was a painful experience when my F350 broke down, but the techs at SuperTech really helped me through it. They understood that I really needed my truck back quickly for work, and moved it into the shop very quickly. As with most diesels, it wasn't simple or cheap, but they walked me through all the steps, so there were no surprises later on. I got a daily progress report from Davina, which made me feel a lot better.

Trucks back, power is restored, and my life can continue!

by Lisa with Islandlink Bus Services on supertechonline.ca

Davina and Dave, thank you for your attention to our needs. These units are operating better now than in the first 400,000km. Great team, superb service, love the diagnostics. See you again soon.

by Randy on supertechonline.ca

Excellent diagnostics and customer report. Truck now running great. Reasoable price. Only challenge i had was truck being tied up in the shop for a week when work took just over a day to complete. Very competent mechanics and friendly front counter service.

by Lindsay on supertechonline.ca

Davina & her team are awesome! They provide friendly knowledgeable service and are honest. Most thorough inspection I've ever experienced by a mechanic, including detailed colour photos. I would recommend to everyone!!

by Owen Carr on supertechonline.ca

We had an excellent experience with Supertech. They provided a very detailed estimate in advance, explained everything in terms we could understand, and offered great advice on the decision to prioritize the items found in the inspection. They made getting the bad news about problems with our vehicle much easier to manage for us, and we will recommend our friends for sure.

by Steve P on supertechonline.ca

I was referred to Supertech by an old friend of mine and I was not disappointed. They handled the maintenance on my 2016 Toureg quickly and professionally. Great customer service and I'd recommend them to anyone.

by James on supertechonline.ca

Supertech has been very helpful with all my automotive needs. They take the time to explain what is wrong with the car and explain what needs to be done and then fix the problem in a timely manner that fits your schedule. I would recommend Supertech to anyone who is looking for reliable, honest and friendly mechanics.Thank you Supertech,Keep up the the excellent work!

by Alex B on supertechonline.ca

Great staff, knowledgeable and trustworthy service. An overall great experience and would recommend Supertech to everyone I know.

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