The power steering pump makes it easier to control your vehicle! It creates high pressures from 800 to 2000 pounds, which also creates high heat. This environment cause fluid breakdown and failure over time.

If you notice groaning and whining noises in your vehicle, pump leaks, or erratic steering and trouble controlling your vehicle, your vehicle may need a power steering flush.

The technicians at Supertech Automotive Service Center use a powerful cleaner that suspends and dissolves varnish and gums that form in the power steering system. Once all of the old fluid and contaminants are removed, it is replaced by new high-tech power steering fluid.

Key Benefits of a Power Steering Flush:

Power Steering Maintenance Nanaimo
  • Quieter operating to fix groaning and whirring
  • Prevents power steering pump noise
  • Corrects “jerky” steering wheel
  • Prevents fluid leaks
  • Reduces wear
  • Longer-lasting power steering system

As a BG dealer in Nanaimo, Supertech Automotive Service Center uses a specially formulated power steering fluid that contains anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants, seal conditions, that meets performance requirements for most auto manufacturers. This power steering fluid is premium quality, high viscosity index, and heat-resistant to work for both conventional sector and rack and pinion power steering systems.

Call our team today for an inspection or to schedule your power steering flush: 250-585-4030.