Like the other fluids in your vehicle and engine, the fluids in the driveline also need to be flushed and replaced periodically. Normal wear and tear with age and distance leads to lubrication failure.

Heat, moisture, extreme pressure, and heavy loads can expedite this process. Gear oil will break down or become contaminated. These contaminants make the fluid less lubricated, and can cause increased wear on the gears.

Driveline flushes are recommended every 2 years or 48,000 kms, according to the recommended maintenance schedule of your vehicle’s manufacturer. This periodic flushing of spent or worn lubricant is recommended for manual transmissions, front and rear differentials, transaxles, and transfer cases.

Key benefits of Driveline Flushes:

  • Smoother shifting of gears
  • Reduces noise for quieter operation
  • Saves cost of major repair for worn gears

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