89-02 Cummins

The 6BT Cummins was introduced as an engine for agricultural equipment. In 1989, Dodge teamed with Cummins to offer the 5.9L Cummins in their 3/4 and 1 ton Dodge Ram pickups. The 12v Cummins became a popular alternative to the v-8 gassers that also offered, as the diesel generated nearly double the torque at low engine speeds and provided a significant increase in fuel economy, especially loaded down.

Cummins Tuner

The 12v Cummins, or 6BT, received an intercooler in 1991, and the P1700 injenction pump rpelaced the VE for the 1994 model year. The 12v Cummins is arguably the most popular Cummins produced to date amongst Dodge Ram owners. It was produced through the 1998 model year, where it was eventually phased out in favour of a more emmisions friendly 24 valve version, the 5.9L ISB. The 6BT has been used ina variety of applications, including light and medium duty trucks, agricultural equipment, and construction equipment, and construction mancinery. It’s robust, simplistic design has allowed owners to rack hundreds of thousands, and on occasion more than a million, miles before requiring a major overhaul, attributing to its healthy reputation.


  • Improves fuel economy and towing capabilities
  • Installs in minutes with no tools required
  • Complete drivetrain tuning for your 1998 – 2009 Dodge Cummins
  • Automatic transmission optimization
  • Speedometer calibration for axle gear and tire size changes from 22.5″ – 42″
  • Advanced tuning selections from rev limits to shift points
  • Monitor engine and transmission parameters
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes


The EVOHT is loaded with multiple power levels for each application. Power levels range from mild to wild. Each level is designed for a specific type of requirement. There will be a mileage level, tow level, driving level, performance level, and Extreme level. The levels will vary on each make and model.

Model Year Range Engine Horsepower Torque

  • 1998 2002 5.9L 24v Cummins + 60.5 HP + 181.0 lb-ft tq

VE Pump Fuel Pin & Spring

BD’s VE pump Fuel Pin & Governor Spring gives your 1988-1993 Cummins 5.9L powered Dodge truck a new lease on life. Made from high quality Chromalloy steel, our pins are machined with a duel process that are first rough milled with a precision radius angle cut, heat treated to the 52 Rockwell hardness scale, then a final precision ground radius cut – this process overcomes wear patterns and resulting failure. Included is our 3200 rpm governor spring to extend the engine rev range by and 700 rpm, new low-profile spacer washer and new throttle shaft o-ring.

Key Benefit:

  • Increases of 30-40hp and 90-100 ft. lbs. of torque, it also increases your power band by a whopping 30%!

Killer Dowel Pin (KDP) Repair

Common especially to the Dodge 5.9L 12-valve engines, but still a concern for the 24-valve Cummins, the dowel pin located behind the timing cover can work its way loose and drop down into the timing gears, causing extensive damage. This kit gives everything needed to replace the pin with a more permanent solution before it leaves your truck down.

Key Benefit

  • Eliminate possibility of dowel pin failure – savings thousands of dollars