The cooling system keeps your vehicle’s engine running at optimum temperatures. But as coolant flows through the system, over time the buffering ingredients are depleted and the fluid becomes extremely corrosive. By-products of corrosion, including rust and scale, clog passageways and prevent the flow of water through the radiator.

Problems such as the above can cause your engine to overheat and fail. Extensive damage, including major engine component failure, can be costly to repair and replace.

When you trust your vehicle to the experts at Supertech Automotive Service Center for a cooling system flush, the entire system is cleaned with all debris and spent fluid removed from the system. Only then do we add in the fresh, new premium coolant to the system to keep your vehicle running safe and cool on the roads in Nanaimo!

Key benefits of a Coolant Flush:

Coolant Flush Nanaimo BC
  • Prevents overheating engine
  • Removes corrosive fluid, rust, and contaminants from the system
  • Prevents foaming
  • Controls rust and corrosio
  • Balances coolant pH

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