A brake fluid flush is the most often overlooked maintenance service for your vehicle, but it is also very important. Brake fluid is critical in the hydraulic system to maintain the best stopping performance. It also prevents damage to brake system components that can be expensive to replace and dangerous if they fail.

Like other fluids in your vehicle, the brake fluid is subject to normal wear and tear. Contaminants like moisture, metals, or rust collect over time and can be destructive to hydraulic components. ABS control modules, master cylinder, and brake calipers are expensive components, but you can extend the life of these with routine brake fluid flushes.

We recommend brake fluid flushes every 2 years or 48,000 km, or at the same time you have your brakes replaced. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for the best performance.

Key Benefits of a Brake Fluid Flush:

brake fluid flush nanaimo BC
  • Removes moisture from the hydraulic system
  • Prevents damage to expensive brake components
  • Removes metal contamination that can damage hydraulics
  • Returns the brake system to the original boiling point
  • Prevents brake fade and reduced stopping ability
  • Causes a firmer brake pedal

Supertech Automotive Service Center is a BG dealer in Nanaimo, so our technicians use only BG DOT 4 Brake Fluid Ultra-Dry Flushing Formula, a premium grade fluid. Because it exceeds the minimum DOT wet boiling point specifications, this is a high quality product for brake system flushes. It also offers rust and corrosion protection and ensures the driest possible fluid is installed in the system, leading to maximum life of the components in your brake system!

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